“Love and Care” Special Fund

Owing to the increas
ing social and family problems in Hong Kong, "Love and Care" Special Fund has been set up to respond to the social needs that require immediate attention, and to support vulnerable groups stricken by poverty, diseases, accidents and family breakdown, in addition to the promotion of the loving and caring spirit.

The fund was launched in 2001, with the programme “Video Letters - V-mail Sealed with Love” co-organised with RTHK. Thanks to the participants and the Hong Kong Housing Society, over 110 thousand dollars was raised and injected into the "Love and Care” Special Fund to help the underprivileged. In 2002, the Association further organised a charity walk to raise money for the Fund.


To convey love and caring messages, to concern the disadvantaged social groups and to build a harmonious society.

How can the Special Fund help the needy?

By filling the service gap and giving out cash promptly

HKYWCA’s members and service users can seek help from our social workers and apply for the “Love and Care” Special Fund if there is an emergency and they lack support from the Comprehensive Social Security Assistance Scheme or other available funds. Cash aid will be ready in three days. Applicants may receive, on successful application, a maximum of HK$5,000, to settle the expenses for funerals, moving house, and other daily expenditure, etc.

Your support is crucial in helping people in desperate situations

With HK$10,000, you can help two families who need immediate cash aid.

Everyone experiences ups and downs. Timely support is very important when one falls on hard times. Give the needy a helping hand, and fill their future with hope!

Download donation form (pdf) 

Enquiry: 3476-1311